About Sarah McInnes

I’ve been an insomniac for the past twenty years and have started using those wakeful hours to work on a novel and to blog about writing. The rest of the day I multitask between being our household manager, my son’s chauffeur, a nonprofit board member, PTA volunteer, friend, churchgoer, lover of books, facebook devotee, reluctant exerciser, mother and wife.

I’m a New Yorker by birth, but a Chapel Hillian by choice. I moved to this part of North Carolina in my late-twenties and graduated from UNC in 2009 with a degree in Women’s Studies. The stork changed my path from law school applicant to household management. For a while, I worked part-time for Kaplan teaching LSAT classes, but then I switched to full-time stay-at-home parenting. My Sweetboy is now a rambunctious, but very sweet, seven-year-old first grader. Sweetboy has autism: a parenting experience I never expected which has tossed my world upside down, changed my perspectives, taught me about patience and love, and overall keeps life interesting. I’m married to David who crazily and wholeheartedly believes that I can do anything I put my mind to. Even writing a novel and keeping up a blog. That is, when I’m not doing a hundred other things, like making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I’m buying at least two loaves of whole wheat bread each week to fuel Sweetboy’s PBJ habit.

I prefer pasta myself. Oversized bowls of pasta with meat sauce and a generously poured glass of chianti. I sing loudly in the car with the radio turned up. I’m not a great dancer, but I am a very enthusiastic dancer. I like to believe my enthusiasm makes up for my lack of gracefulness or skilled moves. (Please don’t disillusion me on this.) I loathe housework.  I don’t own a smartphone, and I love browsing antique stores for vintage glass. I decompress at night by watching decades-old sitcoms like my current favorite, the 1960’s comedy Hogan’s Heroes. I’m not as old as I sound; I’m just an old soul. And I love to write. So that’s me. And here’s Wordsmithery & PBJs.

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